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Pick Geek Local Picks: Static

Got a chance to ask the band Static a few questions and we sure got to know them well. Check them out! Where are you from and what is the most beautiful thing about your city? We are currently in London although - Jake and Bruce are from Essex.  Steven is from Peterborough. Bruce and Jake are in agreement that it’s probably the coast – there’s nothing better than fresh doughnuts and chips on the seaside. Steven is massively proud of the nearby Amazon depot.  Quick deliveries are handy!   Why did you want to get into music?  Jake: Family influence really.  My Dad brought me up on punk music and started to take me to gigs when I was...

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The digital age now means that things can be discovered by one simple click - the app store. Musicians are one of the foremost beneficiaries of this development in technology. From Guitar tuners to metronomes to chord sheets, all in one click just by downloading it via your phone's app store. So, I made a brief survey among musicians about their favourite music-related apps that have helped them in their music career. Here are some of the apps that are worth sharing: GuitarTuna A Guitarist needs a Tuner. This one is an inevitable need. Beginners and Experts cannot rely on one's ear for precise tuning. We need a guide, and this guide comes in different forms. The majority of guitarists still rely on a...

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More of Les Paul’s Lester Polsfuss

  The genius behind the Gibson Les Paul Guitars was more than the name Les Paul. These are 10 rocking facts about Lester Polsfuss: 1. He started early At age nine, Paul built his first crystal radio. He started his creations at a very early age. At age thirteen, he was already a semi-professional guitarist and played country music while experimenting with sound innovations. 2. A risk-taker In 1940, Paul almost electrocuted himself during a session in the cellar of his apartment at Queens. He experimented. 3. 1948 accident Paul’s life threatening car accident in Oklahoma also threatened his music career when it cost him a shattered arm and elbow as well as a broken back, ribs, collarbone, and nose....

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