An Artist to Get Hyped About

An Artist to Get Hyped About


Stephen Lee Bruner is a Jack of all trades, and is known for his thorough collaboration with Rap artist Kendrick Lamar, Infectious Grooves, and his ongoing project with his stage name, Thundercat. At this high point of his career he is attributed to reinventing Jazz with the new label for the genre ‘Acid Jazz.’

Thundercat released his latest and third album in 2017 “Drunk”. It’s an oddball, somehow goofy and deep depiction of his rooted Jazz influences, and the loss of his friend Austin Peralta, provides the record with somber and darker hints throughout the tracks. Also note there are bonus collaborations featuring Kenny Loggins, Kendrick Lamar, and Michael McDonald.

Much of the bassists' influences come from the ’60s and 70’s. R&B, Disco, funk, and punk can be noticed in the recordings due to his proficient and excelled fusion style. Bruner serves as a prominent example of a top musical figure, his sincere, fun and deep approach to songwriting are currently game changer traits in the world of alternative music. His career and unique style profile him to be one of this era’s most influential bass players. Check him out!

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