Pick Geek Local Picks: Static

Got a chance to ask the band Static a few questions and we sure got to know them well. Check them out!

Where are you from and what is the most beautiful thing about your city?

We are currently in London although - Jake and Bruce are from Essex.  Steven is from Peterborough.

Bruce and Jake are in agreement that it’s probably the coast – there’s nothing better than fresh doughnuts and chips on the seaside.

Steven is massively proud of the nearby Amazon depot.  Quick deliveries are handy!

Why did you want to get into music? 

Jake: Family influence really.  My Dad brought me up on punk music and started to take me to gigs when I was a baby… Not that I remember much of it!  Then, when I was about 14 or so, my music teacher encouraged the class to play an instrument – I thought guitar was cool and that it would get me popular (I was wrong) so I started and carried on from there really.

Bruce: When I was in year 7 the music teacher bought in a load of instruments for us to try to try and persuade us to learn...I had a go on the tuba, thought it made a cool noise, and spent the next 7 years playing that!
I didn't pick up a guitar until I was probably about 16, but kept with the "low end" theme. As for why I carry on? I think when you find a creative outlet and playing music gets into your blood, it just becomes difficult to stop!!

Steven: I got into music from originally playing violin at school, to moving to playing with an orchestra and trying drums for the first time. Since then I've been in countless bands and musical projects, and it was clear that music was all I wanted to do!

How did your band form?

Ready for a long-winded story? Haha!

Jake and Bruce started out a few years ago with a kind of Pop/Punk band called The Gettaways which lasted for a few years.  It all fell apart a little bit after that, not only did the drummer leave but finding a decent, hard-working drummer proved difficult!  So it all fizzled out for a while.  We then got back together a year or so later with a new drummer and played a few gigs as Static, becoming more of a hard-rock band.  But, story of our lives, the drummer left just before a gig so we had to get someone in last minute.  This is when Steven came in. He learned everything within a few days, met us for a single practice the day before the gig and absolutely smashed it.  Now, a few months later, here we are - we’re still gigging and in the middle of recording an EP.

Who are the members of your band?

Jake Kotschy – Guitar/Vocals

Bruce Hollowell-Geddes – Bass/Vocals

Steven Marjoram – Drums/General noise

Do you have original songs? If yes, can you give us a little background of each?

We’re mostly original.  We usually write songs about everyday challenges that we all go through in the hope that other people can relate and connect with the music and lyrics.

What's your band's greatest strength?

That we’re all in sync.  We have the same outlook on music and we perform well together.  It’s great to have the ability to trust each other – means we can mess around a bit which adds to the fun!!

What's the plan for the future?

Well, we have our EP coming out in July so we’re gonna have a launch party for that.  Otherwise it’s to just keep playing and work hard.


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