What Artist Has The Largest Guitar Collection?

What Artist Has The Largest Guitar Collection?

There exists a group of people passionately devoting their lives collecting forests of guitars. It will not come as a shock if these massive collections are owned mostly by legendary musicians, but there are also exceptional ordinary eccentrics who have amassed tremendous collections of guitars.

Below are the few, unconfirmed reported owners of the largest guitar collections from both legendary and non-legendary people (but still legendary because they own a large collection of guitars!):

Keith Richards

Rolling Stone magazine ranked Richards as 4th on its list of 100 best guitarists. In the magazine, Keith Richards is said to have created “ rock’s greatest single body of riffs.” His fascination with guitars started when his mother gave him his first guitar at age 15, and this collection grew as his career started rolling with the Rolling Stones. It is even rumored that Keith Richards has a collection of more or less 3,000 guitars which he extensively shared in interviews over the years.

In 1986, interviewed by Guitar World, Richards joked that no matter what model he plays, he will be able to make them sound all the same in five minutes.

Scott Chinery

This man was known for his eccentricity due to his impressive collection of guitars. But Scott Chinery was more than that. Acquiring more than 1,000 instruments wasn’t his foremost achievement. It was the fact that he made the general public realize that the guitar can be a work of art and is an important icon of American culture. His short life was devoted to advocating a certain respect for guitars while making Americans realize that the guitar was a valuable national treasure.

Jimmy Page

People in the music world knows that Led Zeppelin wouldn’t be Led Zeppelin without Jimmy Page’s mad guitar skills. This needs no explanation. He is known for using a variety of guitars throughout his career, which leads us to conclude that it will not come as a shock if Jimmy Page is rumored as having one of the largest guitar collections. Rumor has it that Jimmy stores over 1000 guitars in a warehouse that he owns. Although, the exact number of guitars Jimmy collected remains elusive, his fans still generally agree that he owns a significant number of guitars.

Can you name any other artist or collector of a forest-sized guitar or bass collection?


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