Rumors of the Largest Guitar Collection : Part 2

Rick Nielsen

Known for his five-neck guitar, Rick Nielsen has a lifelong affair with guitars and music. One remarkable thing about Rick is the fact that he used to own over 2000 guitars before auctioning off his collectibles to the public. Recently, it was reported that he now owns a total of 200 guitars which is still insanely significant by normal standards.

Mike Slubowski

Who would have known that a Healthcare Administrator would have a possession of 140 Les Paul Guitars as a part of his 169 collected music instruments? Mike Slubowski started his guitar-collecting passion when his father bought him his first acoustic guitar when he was 12. This superhero guitar warrior collector started his collection with a lot of Gibson Les Pauls in various models, colors, editions, etc. This is where he grew fascinated with vintage guitars and in addition to the Les Pauls, he owned a lot of Hollowbodies and Thinlines.

His name might not be in your music library, but this dude owns a library of wonderful Les Pauls.

And there you have it.

Collecting guitars may be easy for these Legendary and Non-legendary men of guitarficionados, but it is not too late to start now. If you see yourself collecting a bunch of guitars for a lifetime, it will always start with your first guitar, the first strum, and first broken string. But hey, start with what you have right now and develop your skill.


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Justin Levitt - January 10, 2018

I wonder who has the largest bass guitar collection

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