The Martin Experience

Founded by German Immigrant Christian Frederick Martin Sr. in 1833, Martin Guitars have been around for six generations leading in the acoustic instrument making industry up until now, under current CEO Christian Frederick Martin IV. It’s simply remarkable that the company has survived so many years of worldwide ups and downs.

Much has been said about Martin Guitars and the evident examples of this are the list of notable players which continues to grow up to this day. Music legends like Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Elvis Presley, and John Mayer, are just some of the many guitar legends and musicians who are players of Martin Guitars.

Under current CEO C.F. Martin IV’s leadership, the company has experienced a continuous expansion in sales and development worldwide whilst maintaining an exceptional level of high quality. One thing that makes Martin Guitars notable is their commitment to the use of innovation and development of alternative materials and sustainable woods for the future generations of guitar aficionados.

Today, Martin Guitars host regular music events and festivals known as The Martin Experience that includes a variety of offers like trainings with favorite dealers on new models and regular guesting by renowned musicians and music legends. Schedules of The Martin Experience can be seen on their official website (link).

Martin Guitars not only offer quality and affordable instruments, but also a music experience that will help you develop and enhance your passion for music. If you can’t get along to one of the Martin Experience events, and you’ve never tried one, it’s time to check one out at your nearest music store and have your very own Martin Experience!

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