Django DG-5 Finger Exerciser

£12.99 GBP
£9.99 GBP

Django DG-5 Finger Exerciser

DEVELOPS HAND, FINGER, AND FOREARM STRENGTH AND DEXTERITY…the Django hand exerciser is ideal for musicians (guitar, piano, violin, etc), athletes (golf, racket sports, etc), and a great aid for physical therapy

✔ ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE allows individual targeted finger strengthening from 3 – 8.5lbs. With 2 brackets included, locking 2 buttons simultaneously, the innovative 5-button design allows extension finger exercises.

✔ BEAUTIFUL SLIM DESIGNwith comfort, precision, and durability in mind, the Django hand exerciser employs enhanced copper spring-loaded finger pistons, and soft moulded silicone grip pads

✔ POCKET SIZED AND LIGHTWEIGHT… the portable (and quiet!) Django finger exerciser can be taken anywhere and used anytime – on the train, in traffic, at the office, or whilst watching TV

✔ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED… you're making a great decision choosing our company. We’ll only provide you with a quality product and excellent support service, or your money back. It’s that simple. Add your stylish Django hand exerciser to the checkout and experience our quality customer service

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