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Instrument cable is an important element in the music chain, the main link between your playing and what people will actually hear. Poor quality instrument cable can be both annoying and embarrassing. It's noisy when moved, gets easily tangled, has connectors that make undesirable sounds and clicks, and is overall simply unreliable.

Urbanphonics has combined style and quality to produce a cable that is both flexible and reliable.

Each cable:


• is hand-soldered using ultra-low impedance copper core • has hum-cancelling braided shielding meaning no noise when moved • employs jack plugs that connect smoothly and cleanly • comes with a vintage tweed which greatly reduces tangling

Urbanphonics cable is available in three different sizes:

• 3m (10 ft) • 5m (16 ft) • 8m (26 ft)


Quality is assured by adding a five year, no hassles replacement guarantee. And as if that wasn't enough, each Urbanphonics cable is being shipped with a FREE Pick Geek stylish metal pick box together with five FREE Pick Geek guitar picks, making it an easy purchase for gifting.

A practical gift for any keyboard, guitar or bass player, Urbanphonics lead cable takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift.

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