"Hello I'm Lance Allen from Lance Allen Studio. I teach guitar to people all over the world using skype and webcams. The Pick Geek guitar pick set is a wonderful gift for any guitar player! I've been to many trade shows and seen lots of different picks and this product sticks out amongst all of them. It's very well designed and the picks are great. Not too plastic-y and easy to hold. I'm in love with this idea and have nothing bad to say about it at all! 5 stars all the way cuz this pick set is a home run!" www.lanceallenstudio.com
Lance Allen Review

"First time buyer of Anthony Scott products and I am impressed. The assortment of picks is great and they come a neat little case. The price drew me in and the quality will keep me coming back." Gabriel

"These are great picks and make an awesome gift for your guitar playing friends. The picks are durable and attractive. The box is small, sturdy and easy to mail or store (or hand off in a surprise). An outstanding buy! Wholeheartedly recommend this." Jerry Hogshead

"This just makes a great gift for my guitar-playing friends: thoughtful and practical. Four pics of each thickness in the compact, durable "click-clack" container that I know will stow easily in any guitar case, backpack or pocket. Honestly, I forgot the metal container was easy-open with a click. I was about to attempt prying it off when it clicked. Cool!" Greg Carlson

"I love these picks. I was skeptical about spending the money at first, because I've always gotten by with smaller, cheaper packs of guitar picks, but these are exceptional. The 1.2mm is perfect for picking out solos on my Strat and the thinner .5 is great for strumming my Seagull acoustic. I cannot recommend the picks enough. Stop reading this and buy them." Earl Davis

"This bag full of beatifully styled picks is the latest cool collection from the Pic Geek Brand - packaged in a neat pull string cloth bag. This product is both great as treat for yourself or as a gift for the guitar enthusiast. With the wide variety of styles and materials it ensures that there are a number of picks to suit everyone and gives you the priviledge of gifting a pick or two to fellow band members or other guitarists. I love these products, the brand and packaging." Flinstone

"Really amazing product. The bag the picks come in is built sturdy and stores the picks brilliantly. All of the picks were made to an amazing standard and design. I'm thoroughly impressed by this set. I highly doubt ill ever need to buy more picks for some years and if i do ill be sure to remember pick geek! 10/10." Harry

"I have been using pick geek plectrums for some time now, they are well made and nicely packaged with a selection of thicknesses which makes the set very versitile. The delivery of my order was quick and the after service is excellent. A great gift idea for any guitar enthusiast you know." Rateforyou

"Bought for my 19 year old son, who is in a band and constantly loses picks! He was really pleased with the product - great choice and quality, plus a cool bag to keep them in. Fast delivery, well packaged, v happy. Would buy again - thanks :-)" Jojo

"Bought these for my husband who plays guitar as well as our grandson and son in law ,they go through so many picks (or make that lose so many),the idea of the great little tin sealed the deal,will be back for more!" Janet Jones

"The plectrums came in a custom little box with a durable protective custom tin inside and the beautifully designed plectrums. I was so surprised at how well everything was packaged and presented. These are a wonderful gift or for your own personal use.
Very highly recommended purchase. From a very happy customer." Vincent

"I think they are wonderful picks. I was so pleased with them. Arrived couple days after ordering. Really too nice to use but will do. The picks are in super little tins and even the box they came in is lovely. The picks are all different sizes so a must for any guitarist. Would make a super gift. Can't praise them highly enough." Marlene

"The picks look fantastic, some really nice designs and colours. I bought them as I needed a safe way of storing my picks in my guitar case and the tins do the job superbly. Well worth buying and if you don't like the picks then you still have a really good way of storing your pics in one place. Buy them, you won't be disappointed." Duncan


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