Urbanphonics Premium Instrument Cable - 5 Metres - Black & White Tweed

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Instrument cable is an important element in the music chain, the main link between your playing and what people will actually hear. Poor quality instrument cable can be both annoying and embarrassing. It's noisy when moved, gets easily tangled, has connectors that make undesirable sounds and clicks, and is overall simply unreliable.

Urbanphonics has combined style and quality to produce a cable that is both flexible and reliable.

♪🎵 LOOK & FEEL PROFESSIONAL. A premium quality black and white vintage tweed instrument cable made by experts, that will look amazing in your guitar, bass, keyboard, home studio, or PA system, and very professional when you're gigging

🎸 REDUCE STRESS. Our new ultra low impedance copper core (not CCA) & hum cancelling braided shielding ensures higher performance, greater strength and reliability over a long period of time. Our cables are hand-soldered, and securely clamped inside the jack plugs to make it more difficult for the cable to be ripped away from the jack plug

♪🎵 PREMIUM QUALITY. MANY USES. 1/4" mono hard-wearing steel jack plugs with high grade shielding, ideal for electric guitar, electric-acoustic, bass, keyboard, mixing desks, and all home, live and studio applications. The snugly fitting jack plugs also screw open enabling alterations or repair (moulded jack plugs are irreparable)

🎸 OUR PROMISE TO YOU. You're making a great decision choosing our company. We'll only provide you with a quality product and excellent support service, or your money back. It's that simple.

Each cable:

  • is hand-soldered using ultra-low impedance copper core
  • has hum-cancelling braided shielding meaning no noise when moved
  • employs jack plugs that connect smoothly and cleanly
  • comes with a vintage tweed which greatly reduces tangling

Add your Urbanphonics Pro instrument cable to the checkout and experience our quality customer service, backed with a Five Year, Free Replacement, No-hassle, Guarantee

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