Urbanphonics Patch Cable - Copper Colour Tweed

£21.99 GBP
£9.99 GBP

♪🎵 LOOK & FEEL PROFESSIONAL. A premium quality patch cable in copper colour tweed made by experts, that will look amazing with your effects pedals, studio, or PA system, and very professional when you’re gigging

🎸 REDUCE STRESS. Our new ultra-low impedance copper core & hum cancelling braided shielding ensures high performance, greater strength, and ongoing reliability. Our patch cables are all hand-soldered, as well as being securely clamped inside the jack plugs to make it more difficult for the cable to be ripped away from the jack plug

🎵♪ PREMIUM QUALITY. The snugly fitting 1/4” (6.35mm) jack plugs also screw open enabling alterations or repair (unlike moulded jack plugs which are irreparable). Each cable is 23cm long, and the right-angle jacks allow for a close spacing between your effects pedals and effects pedal boards, keeping everything neat and well organised

🎸 FREE! We provide a quality Urbanphonics linen drawstring bag with every cable set to ensure your patch cables remain safe and secure and in one place, and you spend less time wasted on searching for them

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♪🎵 OUR PROMISE TO YOU. You're making a great decision choosing our company. We’ll only provide you with a quality product and excellent support service, or your money back. It’s that simple.

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