Django DG-4 Finger Exerciser

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The Django DG-4 finger exerciser helps improve hand, finger, and forearm strength. Each key pad can be adjusted independently, allowing for individual targeted finger strengthening. Lightweight, quiet, and compact, the Django DG-4 is easily portable, fitting into a pocket, or any bag.

The beautiful slim design has comfort, precision, and durability in mind, employing enhanced copper spring-loaded finger pistons and soft moulded silicone grip pads.


Adjustable Tension: 3 to 7 pounds.

Weight: 170g.

Package Includes: 1 x DG-4 Finger Exerciser  and 3 x Exercise Cards with six exercises.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Serban
finger exercisers

good fingers exerciser, recomended

Game changer.

I am a beginner/intermediate guitarist who played sax most of his life and my left hand which had to finger more keys was the stronger hand, hands down. I looked on the internet and bought some strange gismos that baffled me.
The Django exerciser is the one you need. Within week or so I can see the difference in my pinky which is what I was really looking for. Nonetheless, you can exercise to gain equal finger strength, groups of two or individual fingers. All you have to do is practice, practice, practice. IT REALLY WORKS!

James C.
Django 4 finger grip

I used to have a Riff Grip many moons ago and after a long break from playing needed something to get the fingers going again. This is even better than the riff grip, the adjustable tension makes a big difference. Love it.

Paul T.

like all the other items I've purchased here, aesthetics and quality. I use this exercise machine a lot, in my car, on the bus...

Nigel M.
Great value

Neat little finger exerciser. Great value, fast delivery. Use it everyday at work, should notice improvement in planting that troublesome little pinkie soon. Hopefully! Excellent service.

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