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Marvel at the intricate handcrafted Gibson Beatles' acoustic mini-guitar from Guitar Minis! Engineered with solid wood, this stunning 10-inch marvel will take you on a mesmerising trip down memory lane. Place it in the adjustable A-frame and journey back in time!

Each Order Includes:
Handmade Mini Guitar
Mini Guitar Stand

Guitar Specification:
Body and Neck: Wood
Detail and finish: Plastic and Metal
Strings: Nylon
Height: 10 inches/25cm approx

This miniature replica guitar is handmade and not officially licensed. It's purely a decorative item and not playable. Its design is inspired by certain famous guitars, though it is neither consistent in size nor an exact copy.

Customer Reviews

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Larry Byrne
The 3 Ominis.

I have the 3 minis, Martin,Gibson and the Taylor and love them. The finish is great and they look good beside each other on their own stands.Even the family thinks they look great. So thank you and I'm sure I'll be ordering others in the future.

Helene Hoffman
cute mini

Great looking guitar mini. Bought it for my husband, as a surprise. It's lovingly displayed in our den. He didn't want to put it in his "guitar room", because only he would see it; he wants everyone to see it.!

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