Pick Geek Custom

Pick Geek Custom

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You can now custom your Pick Geek 51 Guitar Pick Bag set for your preferred thicknesses!

Just tick your preference above!!


Pick Geek Guitar Picks, 51 Cool Custom Picks (Plectrums) For Your Electric, Acoustic, or Bass Guitar - Medium, Heavy, Thin, (Light), Gifted in a Unique Pick Holder Bag - All Your Picks in One Place - A Perfect Gift - Enhance Your Pick Selection Now!

YOUR PACKAGE INCLUDES: 50 Premium Quality Pick Geek Guitar Picks + 1 Unique Pick Geek Holder Bag + 1 Free Bonus Steel Guitar Pick.

• 14 stunning colour designs and offered in 2 premium complimentary choice materials - Celluloid & Delrin (Tortex)
• The Pick Geek 51 guitar pick set offers a strikingly unique gift for any guitar or bass player, ensuring complete satisfaction as a perfect gift choice for any day of the year
• Backed with a free-replacement, no hassles guarantee, fast support, buy with complete confidence!

Just choose from the 4 different Thicknesses:
• 4 Different Thicknesses -

Extra Heavy, Heavy, Medium, and Light