Urbanphonics Instrument Cable - Copper-Colour Tweed

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Size: 8 Metres
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Premium quality instrument cable that will look amazing with your effects pedals, home studio, or PA system, and very professional when you’re gigging

Ultra-low impedance copper core (not CCA) and hum cancelling braided shielding ensures high performance and ongoing reliability.

Hand-soldered, as well as being securely clamped inside the jack plugs which also screw open enabling alterations or repair (unlike moulded jack plugs which are irreparable).

Choose from three different lengths on the drop-down menu.

Available in three sizes: 3 metres, 5 metres, and 8 metres

Add your Urbanphonics Pro instrument patch cable to the checkout and experience our quality customer service, backed with a Five Year, Free Replacement, No-hassle, Guarantee.


  • Copper Colour Nylon Tweed Braided Jacket
  • 6.5 mm PVC Jacket
  • Helical Copper Shield 64 x 0.12
  • Conductive PVC
  • Low Density PE Insulation
  • Pure Copper Conductor 20 x 0.12


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrew Sanderson
Does the job

Ok , the jacks and cable work with my amp and guitar. However I am concerned about the heat shrink type sleeve over the jack ends. I've purchased other cables at the same price with what I feel have more robust fixings. Time will tell but the key thing is the cable works with minimal noise.

Bob Allen
Could be a one off but…

The cable itself is perfectly good quality & working fine now but it appeared that the plugs had been pressed together too tightly during manufacture so that the plastic insulators were squeezed out. This meant that the plugs would not fit into the sockets on the guitar or amplifiers. I rectified the problem by trimming the plastic with a sharp knife but I shouldn’t have had to.

Adrian Smith
Excellent cable.

Nothing to dislike.

Julien V.


Edward N.
Brilliant products - excellent customer service!

I came across the coolest of all guitar picks some time ago now and ordered many, distributing them to friends and musicians as little presents. Their quality and design is second to none; the attention to detail being precise and each thickness of pick feeling excellent in the hand and performing its r_le with excellence. All this, and a cool design that will never cease to draw attention and compliment.
Then, knowing the quality of the picks, I thought I’d try some cabling too. I was not disappointed. In fact I was blissfully pleased with the quality and sound reproduction. Marvelous.
And all this from a company that seriously cares for its customers. They know their market and aim to please. A very rare commodity in this era of each man for himself. Cherish and support this wonderful venture. You will end up with a massive smile on your face!

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